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CJs Wiring


My name is carlos, like most of you out there my passion for cars started earlier in my life. I was, and am on a few major forums:

honda-tech.com as crx_si-r

nwp.com as crx_si-r

az-ht.net as crx_si-r

But anyhow I started wiring up my own engine harness for my 90 crx dx (mpfi converted) when it became clear I'm never going to find a clean harness for my car. So I set out to make my own. And from my build page I was confronted with others who wanted the same. And 6 yrs later here we are. What I thought was only going to last the summer, has continued to to this day. 

Each harness I make is made by hand. Each lead is checked for continuity both before and after the pin is crimped. Within my wiring you will find only 1 solder joint, and that is to ground shielded wires (where applicable). Although I am still working on gathering all brand new connectors,  some have been discontinued and harder to find, my harnesses are made with a minimum of 90% brand new plugs.

All harnesses carry a 14 day warranty. Now I know most of us enthusiasts will purchase parts in advance of next summers build.  I do keep that in mind. If this is the case please contact me. And I will try and help out as best I can if you should encounter an issue, because after all we are all only human.

That being said. Thank you for taking the time to visit my store. And make sure to follow me on the following: 


instagram: c_zapien

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